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Airlines Strike Compensation

Was your flight delayed or cancelled due to airlines strike? Don't worry! you could be entitled to €600 as Airlines Strike compensation according to European law EU261, it states, if your flight is cancelled or delayed due to an airline strike, you may be entitled to monetary compensation and other benefits.

Are you ready to claim €600 ($700) airlines compensation?


Anyone, howsoever fly, can experience airlines strikes. Approximately 9 million air customers are entitled to compensation from airlines for flight delays and cancellations each year.

The difficulty is that over 90% of these people are unaware of their air passenger rights in the event of a flight delay or cancellation. They don't know how to seek compensation for flight delays due to airlines strikes and because of other reasons.

What do airlines owe you in the event of a delay? You might get up to €600 ($700) in compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled. And you won't have to spend any money to get it.

Strikes are frequent, and they are usually the cause of flight delays and cancellations.

When air traffic controllers or ground employees go on strike, it becomes hard to keep flight schedules on time, causing considerable disruption and costing you money.

As a result, passengers are frequently left helpless, with no information or sufficient care.

Before we get into your passenger rights, it's crucial to grasp the difference between monetary compensation and other benefits. In the case of a strike, you may be eligible for a combination of benefits under EU 261 Compensation:

  • Replacement flight: If your flight is cancelled, the airline is required to offer an alternative flight to your final destination.

  • Right to care: if you have a long wait at the airport, the airline must offer you refreshments proportional to the length of your delay, as well as two complimentary phone calls/texts and, if applicable, overnight accommodation.

  • If your flight is delayed for more than 5 hours, you may be eligible for a refund. You have the option to cancel your flight and receive a refund of your ticket purchase.

  • Passengers may be entitled to €250 – €600 per person in the event of an airline crew strike.

Let's take a closer look at monetary strike compensation and when you're legally entitled to it.

What happens if my flight is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances? still advises that you double-check your eligibility. Airlines frequently create justifications to avoid paying money. As a result, there is always the possibility of receiving EU flight compensation in exceptional circumstances.

Read on to find out which airlines are on strike, your rights to compensation if your flight is cancelled due to the strike or other factors, and everything else you need to know about the claiming procedure.

When Can I File a Claim for Airline Flight Strike Compensation?

file an airlines strike compensation claim

When airline employees decide to go on strike, which causes aircraft operations to be disrupted, the airline must compensate the passengers for the inconvenience caused by the strike in the following circumstances:

  • A delayed flight of three or more hours

  • A canceled flight

  • In case of an unjustified incident of denied boarding.

The European Court of Justice determined in 2018 that airline cabin crew strikes are within the airline's authority. (As a result, monetary compensation is a possibility.)

These are referred to as "wildcat strikes," which refer to strikes called at the last minute by airline crews rather than strikes arranged in advance.

In addition, under EU regulation law EC 261, airlines are required to pay passengers who fit the threshold for flight cancellations caused by them in the event of "wildcat strikes."

If a strike has a knock-on effect on your flight, you may be able to make a claim. For example, if a strike began the day before your flight and ended the next day, you may be entitled to pay for any delays.

Are you ready to claim €600 ($700) airlines compensation?


When am I ineligible for airline strike compensation?

when am I not elegible to airlines strike compensation

Flight strike compensation claims are highly dependent on who calls the strike, according to EU Regulation 261 criteria.

The majority of strikes are out of the airline's control and are classified as exceptional circumstances.

Strikes by air traffic controllers, pilots, airport employees, baggage handlers, and practically all other types of strikes (excluding wildcat strikes) are not considered eligible for compensation.

If a flight is delayed as a result of this, the airline is usually not held liable because it frequently claims that the strikes are "exceptional" and refuses to compensate passengers. Passengers may find it difficult to obtain monetary compensation as a result of this.

That's when we step in to assist!

It might be stressful to have your flight cancelled due to a strike. Apart from that, there are also plenty of additional laws and regulations that an airline might use to avoid paying compensation. Use AirHelp's free quick compensation checker to see if your flight qualifies for compensation. If your flight fits the requirements, we can assist you in getting your claim processed quickly and without stress.


The following list summarises the rights and services you are entitled to if your flight is delayed:

Other than compensation, what are my rights if a strike causes a flight delay or cancellation?

claim airlines strike compensation

Even if the delay or cancellation is considered extraordinary, the airline is still required to offer reasonable care and support at the airport for delays under EU Regulation 261.

The airline is required to supply you with food and drink vouchers after a delay of 2 hours or more (including if you are waiting only to be told your flight has been cancelled), but if you do not receive any, preserve your receipts and claim these back.

In general, your airline should provide you with a "fair amount of food and drink" based on the length of your flight.

You can also seek a refund, request alternate transportation, or even remain in overnight hotel accommodation if the delay is longer than 5 hours.

Also, keep in mind that you are entitled to care and help in the event of a lengthy delay or cancellation, even if it is due to unforeseen circumstances.

Is it possible for me to rebook my flight?

If you reach your final destination at least 3 hours late, you may be entitled to reimbursement as a passenger.

If your flight arrives at your destination after a 3-hour delay and the cause of the delay is a wildcat strike, you may be eligible for monetary strike compensation.

If your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than five hours, you have the option to cancel and obtain a full refund.

You also have the option of taking an airline-provided alternative flight to your destination.

Learn more about rebooking flights.

What is the amount of compensation for a flight delay in the event of a strike?

airlines strike compensation amount

If a wildcat strike causes your flight to arrive at the destination airport with a delay of more than 3 hours, you may be entitled to compensation of up to €600 ($700), depending on the length of your travel. Are you entitled to compensation due to an airline strike? On the claims page, you can find out for free.

According to EU Regulation 261, there are four different compensation options in the event of a flight delay, depending on the distance of the journey.

Here's how you get compensated for a flight delay caused by an airline strike:

Are you ready to claim €600 ($700) airlines compensation?


How much will you be compensated if your flight is cancelled due to a strike?

delta flight

If your flight was cancelled due to a wildcat strike and you found out less than 14 days before your travel, you may be eligible for further monetary claims if the airline was unable to offer you a full refund or an alternate ticket.

It is critical that the airline provide a written explanation for the cancellation. This information can help you strengthen your compensation claim.

According to EU Regulation 261, there are five different compensation options in the event of a flight cancellation, depending on the distance of the journey.

Here's an overview of airline strike compensation alternatives for flight cancellations:

Don't wait to find out if you're eligible for compensation; contact us right now to have an expert analyze your case.

Is it possible to make a claim if my flight was cancelled due to a strike?

cancelled flight due to airlines strike compensation

The main focus should be on the cause of your flight cancellation or delay. If the reason is related to a wildcat strike (a last-minute airline crew strike), your case will be entitled to further monetary compensation in addition to your right to "care."

Find out more about compensation for cancelled flights here.

Furthermore, if your aircraft is a European carrier, it must take off or land in a European Union country to qualify for compensation claims.

The following is a list of strikes that meet the requirements for a compensation claim:

  • Last-minute pilot strike (Wildcat strike)

  • Last-minute airline crew strike (Wildcat strike)

Strikes that aren't considered compensable are referred to as "ineligible strikes."

  • Air Traffic Control Strike

  • Airport Staff strike

  • Baggage handlers and ground staff strike (some cases)

  • Announced pilot strike

  • Announced airline crew strike

Are you ready to claim €600 ($700) airlines compensation?


Due to a Baggage Handler/Airport Staff/Pilot Strike, my flight has been delayed or cancelled.

Airport employees

Compensation claims for flight strikes are highly reliant on who calls the strike. When it comes to luggage handlers, airport employees, or pilot strikes, the law is less clear, and it's likely that you'll need to go to court to resolve the details of your case.

In this instance, we can assist you in obtaining your reimbursement. To see if your case qualifies for flight delay compensation, use our Instant Claim Checker.

How do I be compensated for my airline strike?

To avoid paying compensation for airline strikes, airlines frequently argue that strikes are always 'exceptional circumstances,' and refuse to pay compensation. That's when our service comes to the rescue, enforcing your legal claims on a "no win, no fee" premise, so there's no financial risk.

Simply enter your flight information into the compensation checker to discover if your unique situation qualifies for reimbursement.

Our staff will analyze the case and respond as quickly as possible with a recommendation.

Is airline strike coverage included in travel insurance?

You can claim for travel interruptions on your travel insurance if you're covered for it, as long as the airline strike wasn't known publicly at the time you booked your trip and/or took out your travel insurance policy (whichever came later) while strikes were ongoing.

Is strike action covered by travel insurance in the event of flight cancellation?

When an airline cancels your trip due to a strike and you are unable to reach your destination or return home, it is their responsibility to provide you with a full refund or an alternate flight to get you where you need to go. If you incur financial losses as a result, your travel insurance provider may reimburse you when you submit a claim.

Is strike action covered by travel insurance in the event of a flight delay?

If you have checked in for your flight and your travel insurance policy covers delays (due to strike action or other reasons), you can seek compensation after your flight has been delayed for a certain number of hours, which is usually 12, but this might vary.

FAQs: more information about your compensation for Airline Strikes

airlines strike compensation FAQs

Is it possible for me to seek compensation for the air traffic controller strike?

Because an air traffic control strike is considered an "exceptional occurrence," it is unlikely to be compensated. Even if the delay or cancellation is deemed exceptional, you are still entitled to a replacement flight or a reimbursement provided the delay or cancellation fits the EU Reg 261 conditions.

Is it possible to receive airline compensation for delayed flights caused by a pilot strike?

You have the right to aid and care at the airport in the event of a flight delay, which includes food and phone calls. However, if your flight is delayed by 3 hours or longer due to a pilot strike, you may be allowed to seek monetary compensation under EU Regulation 261.

If your airline goes on strike, what would you do?

An airline strike occurs when the airline's employees, crew, and other members go on strike, resulting in service disruptions, flight cancellations, and overall mayhem. Passengers are frequently provided refunds, and in the event of an airline strike, they may be eligible for up to €600 in monetary compensation. Among the most common are additional monetary compensations for airline crew strikes.

Do airlines offer compensation for flights cancelled due to airport strikes?

When it comes to airport strikes, you have the right to a refund, care, and support in addition to monetary compensation. If you meet the requirements, such as arriving on time and flying/arriving in the EU on a European carrier. You can easily determine if you are eligible for compensation using free compensation checker.

Bird strike compensation for airlines

Passengers are entitled to compensation under EU legislation if their flights are delayed for three hours or more, but not if the carrier can demonstrate that the delay was caused by exceptional circumstances. "Because a collision between an aeroplane and a bird is considered a "exceptional situation," your case will not be eligible for monetary compensation in the event of a bird strike.

Is there any compensation if an airline goes on strike?

If you were caught in a flying strike, you were likely left hanging with no information or assistance. You do, however, have a right to food vouchers, phone calls, and, if necessary, replacement housing under EU Regulation 261 criteria. Additional monetary compensation claims are heavily influenced by who initiates the strike. Use free compensation checker to see whether you qualify.

Are you ready to claim €600 ($700) airlines compensation?


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