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Flight Refund Rights

Can I get a refund if my flight is cancelled? What is the UK's policy on flight refunds? How do I cancel a flight and receive a refund? Is it possible to get a refund for a return flight?

These and other inquiries about your flight refund are answered by Airlines Compensation. It's worth noting that, under EU air passengers law, you may be eligible for both a flight refund and compensation on top of the refund.

We'll tell you about your rights and how to seek money back from airlines if your flight is cancelled.

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How to Get a Refund for a Cancelled Flight?

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In the event of a flight cancellation, each airline is required under EU Regulation 261/2004 to give an airfare reimbursement of the original ticket or an alternate flight.

The regulation lays out the rules and criteria for when an airline passenger is entitled to a flight cancellation refund and, in some cases, monetary compensation.

We clarify what your flight refund rights are in the event of flight cancellation in this post. In many circumstances, you can get both a refund and compensation for your flight. Check your rights to reimbursement for a cancelled flight right now.

Do I get a refund if my flight is cancelled? Consider the following:

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Is it possible to get a refund if an airline cancels my flight?


Yes, it is correct. If your flight is cancelled for whatever reason, you can get your money back from the airline.

When your flight is cancelled, your airline must present you with two options, according to EU law:

A complete flight cancellation refund:

  • or a full flight refund for all flights within the same booking is required by law.

Alternative flight options:

  • So that you may get to your final destination, an airline must offer you an alternative flight. You can choose to go on the earliest available alternative flight or on a later date that is more convenient for you.

  • If you can't find an acceptable substitute, you can refuse to fly and get a full refund.

If you want to receive a flight refund, the airlines must reimburse your airfare within seven days. It can be paid in cash, by electronic bank transfer, bank order, or bank check.

Learn about your passenger rights and what to do if your flight is cancelled.

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Flight Refund Policy in the United Kingdom

flight refund rights in UK

As part of the Brexit transition, the UK government incorporated EU Regulation 261/2004 into UK law. UK travellers can still receive a flight refund if their flight is cancelled, according to the flight refund policy UK.

When the requirements overlap on particular journeys, travellers will have the option of choosing how their cases should be handled under UK or EU law.

When flying, check your rights as provided by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Is it possible to get a refund on flights to and from countries outside the EU or the UK?

It's crucial to know which flights are qualified for a full refund in the event of a flight cancellation. The list of nations included in the EC261 rule has been expanded. It comprises countries such as Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, and nine special member state territories in addition to the EU's typical 27 member states.

As a general rule, all flights conducted by an airline are eligible for a refund. Then it makes no difference whether your flight enters or exits the EU.

Here's a table showing the flights that are covered by EU law to make things easier to understand:

Is it possible to get a refund for a return flight?

return flight refund

All parts of your flight ticket that you haven't used yet are eligible for a refund. Assume you've booked a round-trip flight from London to New York. Is it possible for airlines to cancel return flights? What types of flight refunds am I eligible for if my flight is cancelled?

Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • If your connecting flight from London to New York is cancelled. Both onward and return flights are eligible for a flight ticket refund.

  • If your return flight from New York to London is cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund unless you have already completed the outgoing travel. If you've already left, you'll only get a refund for the return flight.

For connecting flights, there is a refund if the flight is cancelled.

In this circumstance, can I get a refund on my flight ticket? Yes. If you've completed part of your journey but your connecting flight has been cancelled, you can request both:

  • flight refund in the event of a cancelled connection,

  • as well as an alternate connecting flight to the final destination

If the alternative flight does not meet your original travel intentions, you have the option of requesting a full refund for both halves of your trip ticket (used and unused). Furthermore, an airline is required to give you a flight ticket to your original departure airport as soon as possible.

What is the difference between a flight refund and compensation?

The difference between a flight refund and compensation is significant. In the event that an EU flight is cancelled, you can always request a refund.

However, you are only entitled to compensation for EU flights if your situation meets the following criteria:

  • You were given less than 14 days' notice before your departure date.

  • You've had flight cancellations as a result of the airline's fault (airline crew strike, flight scheduling problems, technical problem, etc).

The cost of your flight is always deducted from your refund. The amount of your reimbursement is mostly determined by the length of your flight. It also depends on the flight time in the case of a replacement flight.

It is possible to get both a refund and compensation for your flight at the same time. To be eligible, your cancelled flight must meet the requirements listed above.

Fill in your basic flight information if you are unsure about your situation. You'll find out if you're eligible for a flight refund and compensation, as well as how much you can collect, in less than 2 minutes.

How do I cancel a flight and receive a refund?

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Let's suppose you want to cancel your flight on your own. You can only claim a full refund if you booked a refundable flight ticket. However, airline ticket refund policies differ from one carrier to the next.

As a result, it is preferable to consult the airline's website or contact them directly to inquire about possible flight compensation.

Of course, if you know your travel plans may change, it's always a good idea to purchase refundable airline tickets. Even if free cancellations are not permitted, you can still change your flight.

These flexible tickets normally allow you to change your date at least once for free.

It's worth noting that if you cancel your travel within 24 hours of booking, you can receive a full refund or reschedule your flight dates free of charge.

Is it possible to cancel a flight and receive a refund in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, there is no rule regarding flight ticket refund in the event of voluntary cancellation. Some airlines, on the other hand, are still willing to provide passengers with the option of changing their travel plans.

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, for example, allow passengers to cancel their reservations within 24 hours after making them. You will be allowed to cancel your flight for free if you stick to these time limits.

In some circumstances, air travel reimbursement is available.

Flights are occasionally cancelled due to airline errors or unforeseen circumstances. A passenger can sometimes be the one who misses a flight.

In many cases, it's unclear if you'll be able to secure a refund or compensation for your flight. Let's look at a few examples in more detail.

Refund of airline tickets due to the coronavirus

Is it possible to get a refund for flight tickets that were cancelled due to the coronavirus? Yes, you are entitled to a full refund if your flight is cancelled. The airline must reimburse the airfare within 7 days of the cancellation. You might also choose to reschedule your flight for a later time.

If you bought your ticket as part of a package holiday, you are entitled to a full refund. However, because the Covid-19 is considered an exceptional event, you are not eligible for compensation in this scenario.

Frequently, airlines and travel agencies may issue a travel voucher for a future flight. The voucher can be used instead of a flight refund.

If a traveller signs an agreement to use such coupons, he will not be entitled to a cash refund for his airline ticket. As a result, it's critical to double-check the documents you're signing before agreeing to any vouchers.

Is there a chance of getting a refund if you miss your flight?

Is it possible to get a refund for flight tickets if we miss the flight? It depends on whether it was your fault or the airline's.

If you arrive late for check-in, you will not be eligible for a replacement flight or a refund. If you still want to reach your final destination, you'll have to pay for everything yourself.

It is recommended that you obtain travel insurance along with your trip ticket to cover the possibility of missing your journey.

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Can I get refund if I find myself pregnant after booking the flight

Can I get refund if I find myself pregnant after booking the flight

You discovered out you're pregnant after booking your trip, and you'd like to change your plans. Is it possible to get a refund on a flight ticket in this situation? No, that is not the case.

In such cases, airline ticket refund policies state that they are not obligated to refund passengers. As a result, if you cancel your trip voluntarily, you will be charged cancellation fees.

If your flight is covered by your travel insurance, your provider may pay the cancellation fee. However, this is only applicable if your doctor has advised you avoid traveling.

Is it possible to get a refund if your flight is delayed?

delayed flight refund

Travel schedules are frequently changed by airlines, resulting in flight delays. Is it possible to get a refund for a flight time change? It depends on how long you have to wait.

If your flight has been delayed for more than 5 hours and you no longer wish to wait for it, you are entitled to a refund. If you are about to travel, you can request a full refund, or a partial refund if you have already completed half of your journey.

You can claim a flight ticket refund for all sections of your booking - used and unused - if you can prove that you missed the purpose of your flight, such as a business meeting, due to the delay.

The refund for a flight delay, the procedure for making a payment in the EU is the same as for getting a refund for flight cancellation. After a delay, an airline must reimburse you within 7 days.

It may also provide you with a voucher instead of a cash return. So, once again, look out for what you are signing.

What about compensation for flights that are delayed? Unless you abandoned the flight after a considerable delay, you may be eligible for airline flight change compensation. Use free flight delay compensation calculator to see if you are eligible for reimbursement.

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