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Air Passenger rights

AIR PAssenger rights

Whenever you fly with any of the airlines of the world, you are well protected by air passenger rights. Different countries have different legislations to protect their air travellers. Your air passengers rights state that you can claim up to €600 ($700) per person as monetary compensation in case of flight delays or flight cancellations.

Are you ready to claim €600 ($700) airlines compensation?


The most commonly known law "EC261" safeguards the rights of travellers in Europe, which makes the airlines liable to passengers for up to €600 per person compensation and other benefits in the event of a flight delay, cancellations, overbooking, airlines strikes, etc. 


The USA has its own air passengers laws that make airlines responsible to pay $1350 in the event of the below-mentioned flight disruptions. Similarly, the rights of passengers of the rest of the world are well protected by the Montreal Convention, which holds airlines legally answerable to the financial compensation and additional benefits like food and hotel stay in case of flight delays and cancellations.

Read more about the possible flight disruptions and your air passenger rights in such circumstances.

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Claim up to €600 ($700) compensation for delayed or cancelled flight in the last 6 years.


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